Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award 2021

The BrandLaureate World BestBrand e-Branding Award 2021
April 15, 2021
Smart Glove's Commitment to ESG
Smart Glove’s Commitment to ESG
February 3, 2023

Smart Glove Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Leading the Global Medical Gloves Industry with Pioneering Products and Creative Innovations

We won again four consecutive years in Best Practices Awards. In 2021, we are being recognized for the Technology Innovation Awards. These recognitions are strong testaments of Smart Glove Holdings’ relentless effort to lead the creative innovation of the global medical glove industry. As a leader in glove technology, we remain at the forefront of the glove industry with always on-innovation that creates reliable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly gloves that are suitable for a variety of applications. We continue to demonstrate and introduce a series of innovative synthetic gloves. Following are some of our most notable innovations:


Advanced/improved synthetic copolymer polychloroprene gloves (C-Series gloves)

C-series polychloroprene gloves are thin but durable yet cost-effective, produce less waste, and are available for both medical and non-medical use. Learn more


Advanced soft nitrile gloves (S-Series gloves)

SOFTER-than-ever gloves made with good elongation. The gloves are more robust, thinner, lighter, and elastic. Learn more.


Electrostatic dissipative gloves

Our cleanroom gloves’ formulation possesses electrostatic discharging properties. The use of electrostatic discharge is crucial in semiconductor fabrication and highly sophisticated electronic component fabrication activities, where devices or components can be easily damaged by electrostatic charges, causing millions of dollars in losses to fabricators. Learn more


Industry-leading lightest and thinnest nitrile gloves

The technology yielded the world's thinnest synthetic gloves and the lightest nitrile gloves ever. It has a high degree of touch sensitivity and provides a better comfort level and remains strong and durable to provide the necessary protections. This is indeed a “green glove”  that reduces the consumption of raw material and waste production. Learn more


Nitrile metal detectable gloves

Metal detectable gloves are designed to be detected by safety equipment (metal detector) for use in high security and safety environment. The gloves are designed to safeguard the food industry where it (as a contaminant) can be detected immediately in the production line and prevent commercial losses by product recalls. Learn more

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