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We have one of the world’s most advanced glove manufacturing facilities and partner only with the industry leaders in other types of gloves, we offer only the highest quality range of gloves. We provide the most advanced and innovative hand protection solutions.


One-stop medical consumables supplies for hospitals & clinics. Full range of products fulfill needs of different segments from wearable, wound care, diagnostic, post-care to procedure & surgical while in compliance to the stringent infection prevention protocols by health authorities around the world.


Our diverse range of dental care consumables provide optimum protection for patient & physician. Certified with ISO dentistry standards, our product line prioritizes oral hygiene and denture care.


We offer head-to-toe PPE consumables in compliance of respective regulations for low-risk to high-risk industries while offering professional product guidance & service to ensure safety of the workforce.

Food Industry

We offer a wide variety of consumables used in the food industry, to ensure proper sanitation, promote food safety and protect the worker. Our products are utilized across the wide spectrum within the Food Industry including food manufacturing, food packaging, and food service.


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We're out to shatter the myth of customization as an expensive process. Color, thickness, compliances - these are some of the many factors we can customize for our tailor-made gloves at an affordable rate!

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Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us!