Powder Free Nitrile

Length & Thickness:

9" / 2.0 mil


XS / S / M / L / XL




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  • Finger Textured
  • Ambidextrous

iChef Glove™

World’s First 2.2g Ultra-Low Weight Nitrile Gloves

Smart Glove’s ultra-low weight product is a greener glove with a safer synthetic profile. In terms of promoting environmental sustainability, Smart Glove has taken a step ahead of many industry peers by reducing the use of synthetic material within its ultra-low weight glove production.

Safer, Lighter

Smart Glove’s 2.2gm invention contains no harmful materials, like phthalates, which are a danger to the human reproduction system. When compared to conventional nitrile gloves, approximately 37% less synthetic material is used and less energy is consumed (thus lower carbon footprint) during production.

  • Extraordinary thin and light glove enabling excellent sensitivity to the user
  • Offers exceptional flexibility and mobility for performance
  • Textured fingers for better grip
  • Provides enhanced comfort with superior feel or satin-like softness
  • Meets and complies with food safety regulations and standards

  • Food Processing
  • Food preparation