Smart Glove’s Commitment to ESG

Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award 2021
June 28, 2022
CBP Modifies Withhold Release Order in Response to Smart Glove’s Successful Actions to Address Forced Labor Supply Chain Issues
April 26, 2023

Smart Glove's Commitment to Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

Smart Glove Group of Companies (“Smart Glove”), as a responsible corporate organization, holds the following commitment in its existence and operations: —



Smart Glove recognises the environmental impact of our business processes and commit to ensure that all processes are carried out in compliance with local environmental legislations and regulations. We commit to reduce the consumption of natural resources and the release of pollutants to the environment. We commit to provide training and knowledge to promote better understanding of environmental issues.



We pledge to not discriminate. Employees and workers are treated equally in all aspects, irrespective of their personal differences, and adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards biasness and discrimination.

We pledge to eliminate forced labour. Smart Glove commits to not deceive or abuse our employees’ vulnerability, isolate, or restrict them of their movements. We do not intimidate, threaten, or physically and sexually violate them, retain their identity documents, or withhold their wages, bond them with debt or have them undertake excessive overtime. We also ensure our employees do not work or live in abusive conditions.

We do not practice engagement of child labour. Smart Glove strictly do not employ children and young persons, i.e., any person(s) below the age of fifteen (15) years old.


Smart Glove’s employees adhere to the Code of Conduct when dealing with vendors, business partners, governments, local authorities, investors, competitors, and others. Employees are expected to be aware of Smart Glove’s delegation and authority guidelines and processes when entering binding commitments. They are forbidden from money laundering, and they must immediately raise any suspicions to their immediate superior. They must not offer, give, solicit, or accept bribes in any form, while extravagant gifts, entertainment, and other benefits should not be given to or accepted from Smart Glove’s business partners.

When dealing with issues relating to interests, employees should not engage in activities (including personal) which could conflict Smart Glove’s business interest. They should not have any financial interests in any organization related to Smart Glove. Employees should not use Smart Glove’s funds and resources to make contributions with personal benefits.

Smart Glove is a member of SEDEX and undertakes the SMETA Audit Programme for social compliance.