Nitrile / Polychloroprene / Polyisoprene/ Natural Rubber


9-inch / 12-inch


3.5 mil - 8.0 mil


XS - XXL or 6.5 - 8.0


4.0g - 12.5g


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  • Finger Textured or Full Textured or Micro Textured
  • Ambidextrous or Hand-specific
  • Powdered or Powder-free
  • Beaded cuff


The Surgical Glove Specialist

Our surgical gloves are designed and custom-made to meet the high expectations of surgeons. We offer various types of materials in order to meet the different requirements for different types of surgeries.

  • Provides superior softness to aid easy donning and to reduce hand fatigue
  • Sterile Exam gloves are available in singles or pairs per pouch packaging
  • Safe for use with chemotherapy drugs tested per global Chemotherapy Permeation Test standard

Designed with users in mind – Super Low Modulus Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves

With advanced surface treatment technology, our polyisoprene surgical gloves offer surgeons peace of mind for both first and over-glove donning (double-gloving).

SmartMedic™ Polyisoprene Surgical glove is an excellent alternative that suits those who are sensitive to natural rubber latex. Uniquely designed with super low modulus for a softer, high elasticity material offering superior comfort and effectively minimizing hand fatigue.